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I've re-listed my hats on etsy. Not sure about ebay yet, since I don't know how interested people are on that. I've been leaving Twitter alone, but if anyone wants to know more up to date news you can like my facebook page. I even have side projects there.…

Newest projects will be put up next weekend.
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I am on my vacation now, won't be home for two more weeks, but I just found out that my older brother is finally getting a daughter, so expect more baby projects, but this time with a focus on pinks, purples, and yellows. :) I love frilly things, and i hope my sister in law does, too.

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Yeah. I am so busy with wrapping up this semester that i haven't had much time to keep everyone in the loop. I'll have the pictures of the baby hat gifts up in a few hours. They're soooo cute! 8D

In the mean time, I've made a few new hats that will be available for sale within the next week or so.

- Octavia
- Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
- NightMare Moon
- Shining Armor
- Queen Chrysalis

Now after all of that great news, I will break some less exciting news. I am leaving for a month, and I wont be able to sell anything outside of my etsy and ebay shop. I will be lowering the price of the hats to 10 dollars with free shipping, but what is up will be the only thing available because I won't be the person shipping it out. (Don't worry, I am keeping everything in good hands.) Everything during the time won't be updated and ready to send, so it'll be taken care for.

For now though, I need to focus on my schooling, since i only have two weeks left... including finals.

Until next time~!

PS- I've made a twitter if anyone cares to, they can follow me @EveryPonyCustom for closer updates. :)
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I know this probably isn't interesting to anyone out there, but I need to record my knitting process to keep track of it.

Started a hat for myself... really? me? XD oh dear, the thought. It's a half stitch? I don't know, i was messing around and trying to make thicker hats without as much spacing between stitches like a single stitch does. Lo' and behold, it has a name, half stitch, it takes twice as much yarn but fills in the gaps. Also, I am making a purl stitch baby hat. A close friend is pregnant with a boy and her baby shower is at the end of April, and instead of being a decent friend and actually just buying her the crap she lobbed on her registry, i am going to be selfish and make her something. D; I hope none of my friends do this for me tbh, because it's kinda a shitty move. :I

Either way, I am going to be embroidering another gift for this baby shower. I ordered some supplies off of Amazon, but the rest I will have to get during a Michael's run. I'll definitely put pictures up for feed back. :I I want to save money, but I don't want her to hate me. xD

Baby blue, light green, and light yellow are boy colors right? because i'll be making three different hats. >.> Learning different stitches... naturally.

So yes, since my last update learned purl stitch, half stitch, and next will try double stitch next, looks interesting.
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So clearly, i am behind on what i was going to do, but between classes, writing, and friends, i don't have much time for my latest project. Haven't forgotten about it nor you guys. :3

I've added Vinyl scratch hats to here and Etsy, and updated my Luna hat. The one i made before i made before i actually watched the show and looking back on it... it was crap. So there's the update on Princess Luna. Might update Twilight sparkle. I'll make a defeated luna, and nightmare moon, along with Diamond Tiara, and baby MLP beanies soon.

That's right, baby beanies- MLP;FiM style. (What's this about target audience talk? Madness. D: ) Also, still trying to make a TARDIS color hat in a different stitch, and MLP;FiM scarves. :D

Since last journal... four people recruited to the herd. :3 Go me! And i discovered three bronies, one i went to high-school with, one who i've been friends with for 5 years who is studying abroad, and one of my actual cousins. ;D

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I'm almost done with Vinyl scratch and afterwards I am going to do the great and powerful trixie followed by Mr and Mrs Cake. :) Thought i'd let people know there are a few more on the way.
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Hello again so soon!

So, to update on my hats, I was featured TWICE on equestriadaily's round up! :) It was such an amazing honor and at midnight tonight I counted up all my page views.

Etsy shop views: 776
Deviant art profile views: 926
Ebay listing views: 302- 6 watching.

Apparently, one of my friends sent them an E-mail along with myself and I am still floored by the favorites and complements I've received for my work. I am humbled and honored by everything. <3

With that being said, until further notice my hats are always for sale, just message me and I will make them to order if I don't have one already made. =]

Moving on. I have a new idea! And I have already bought all the supplies. Oh yes, I am already jumping face first into another My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic project the moment I get all these orders out in the mail. Aka- today when the post office opens! However.. these will be auctioned off and not available like the hats. These will have far far more work put into them and more difficult to actually make. So stay tuned for future announcements because I promise this will be AMAZING. :D

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Alright, I just put up my etsy and last night I set up my Ebay. I was planning on selling all of the hats on Ebay but that's because I wasn't aware of the fact that I can only sell 20 items a month. So reluctantly I set up an Etsy so I can sell more, it doesn't matter which one you buy off of so long as there's an item there, really. If you'd like to buy directly from me for a lower price, read on and I'll give you the details there. I am still uploading listings on Etsy so if you don't see a hat you want either comment here, (as I am taking custom requests), but keep in mind, I might already have it and haven't uploaded it yet, it's a long drawn out process and I can only work so fast. Either way, I will try to respond to each and every comment to keep everyone updated.

Etsy link:…

Ebay link:…

Now, about buying direct from me. My e-mail is and you can pay through paypal. (I will not accept other forms of payment as I am limited on my knowledge and I am not willing to learn as it stands now. Sorry.) If you order one through my PayPal, comment or message me here, and pay $10.00+Shipping. (Because I don't have to pay to list them here, it's cheaper.)

Shipping prices.

SHIP TO             COST         WITH ANOTHER ITEM
United States         $2.50 USD $3.00 USD
Canada                 $6.00 USD $6.00 USD
Everywhere Else $6.00 USD $7.00 USD

I will stack shipping into larger packages so you save, so please don't worry, however, it will still cost more. I wont send out separate packages unless requested to help you.

I think i have all the information here, but watch out in case I have to add information and edit this post. =]

Thank you.
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I hesitate to write the full name because of how hasbro is handling much of the fan art, but this is more of inspiration then it is copying so I am way out of the copy write laws it shouldn't be a consideration. Either way, for the past month I have been making hats and scarves with the color focus based on the MLP;FiM show. :) I have the mane six and Spike done now in hat form and in the next week I shall be slowly updating photos on here. Hat made by my hand, I bought the yarn, and the pictures were taken by me, so I don't have to worry about doing a shout out to anyone else, and it is certainly my own artwork. :D

Without further ado I shall start uploading some of the pictures now and expand in the coming week. They are not for sale yet, but they will be in the future, so please don't ask yet. I will provide all the information openly when it is set up. Promise. :D
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I've updated art, with Frey being my main focus, for now. I'm in the middle of an Azrail drawing, and afterwards will be focusing on a Sable drawing. So expect a few more updates. I already drew another of Rene and Frey, but i am awaiting someone else to scan that before i can post it here. :)

I already have an actual DA-ID i am working on that will take longer than 10 minutes in paint. I should have it ready within a few days, so not really stressing too much about that particular drawing.

I can't think of much else to write about, so here you go. :) Updates- lots and lots of updates- soon!
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I will get some art work up here, eventually. I promise. Need to make a thumbnail first. -rubs chin-
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